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Birmingham branch Secretary:  Nick Parton  

Tel: 0121 603 8983

One rider (the leader) will stay at the front and is responsible for navigating the route. Another rider (The Back man) will stay at the back in last position. These are the only two riders who remain in their position in the group.

At every junction the rider immediately behind the leader stops and marks the junction and indicates the route which the other members should follow. All other riders pass the marker, the marker then re-joins the group in front of 'The back Man’. This approach involves the entire group, and the marker gets rotated from front to back and gradually moves up to the front again the method works provided everyone does their bit and doesn’t forget they are in the No.2 position when it is their turn to mark.

Nobody other than ‘The back man ’ should be riding last for any reason If you want to leave the group you should pull in to the left in a safe, visible position and wave other riders past when ‘The back man’ arrives he/she will stop and you can then inform him/her that you are leaving the group. A roundabout should be marked by parking in a safe visible position on the exit. When going straight through at a crossroads where you don’t have right of way, you may mark it if you wish. When you are marking a junction make sure you park in a position not to obstruct other road users. If necessary point in the direction that riders arriving at the junction should proceed. There is no need when using the drop off system to keep the rider behind you in your mirrors but it is always advisable. If you are unsure whether to mark a junction, do it anyway. It is better to mark a junction that doesn’t need marking than not to mark one that does.

Petrol stops: will be determined on the lowest tank range of participants, you are all advised to fill up at these stops.

Please arrive with a full tank of petrol and an empty bladder.

2nd Man Drop off